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Introducing, at long last, the GXAA Invinci-Bolt!


THIS is the ORIGINAL non-jamming AR15 Bolt.


After a prolonged legal battle Gen X Arms & Ammunition is proud to offer the original non-jamming AR15 Bolt. It will keep your firearm running long after regular bolts would have jammed up with carbon. This is particularly true if you are using a suppressor.


All this and it is still 100% backwards compatible with every AR15/M4/M16 EVER made. That includes your entire parts inventory armorors!


Now, you may ask, is this like a certain other bolt in the market place, that has some similarities? Why yes, yes it is, but this is how the bolt was originally designed to be. How do we know that? Because the CEO designed both of them . They are working with a permission on our patent, not the other way around. 


We are going to stick to the original Mil-Spec on this one and ours will be made in Carpenters 158 just like the military uses. 


Order now so you can be one of the first to field the original when it arrives!

Gen X Arms & Ammunition Invinci-Bolt

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