XTreme Innovation®

Gen X Arms & Ammunition was started by Michael H Blank, former CEO of the Sharps Rifle Company, LLC and sole designer of the 25-45 Sharps and sole inventor on the patents for the for both the Symmetrical non-jamming rifle bolt and non-Symmetrical non-jamming rifle bolt offered by the current incarnation of Mr. Blank’s former company.


Gen X Arms & Ammunition will live up to its trademark Xtreme Innovation® and the Combat Bolt is just the beginning. There is an entire bolt carrier group that is to follow, and despite the long time it has been waiting on the drawing board, and many have picked up elements of its design, it is still packed with innovative features a full decade after it was first drawn out.


Other inventions you can look forward to, an enhanced barrel extension, a firing pin designed to resist carbon build up, new cartridges, including one that bests the feared 9x39mm and outright embarrasses the 300 Blackout and much, much more (like a really slick bolt action). We even have a bullet design that got held up by the government in the patenting process while they decided if we could even publicly disclose it.